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"Home" VINYL - (Deluxe Edition)

Image of "Home" VINYL - (Deluxe Edition)


We are releasing our record "Home" + 2 new songs on Vinyl on JULY 13TH, 2012! This will be a dream come true for us. The 2 new tunes are called "Gold" & "Hotel Memphis". "Hotel Memphis" was written by our good friend, Nick Redmond of Star & Micey. This is the first song we have ever recorded that is not our own. We wrote "Gold" in our basement a short time after tracking the album so it was left out of the initial line-up. We think you are going to love these 2 new additions to the album! The whole album has also been completely re-mastered!

With that being said, we are making the "Home" - (Deluxe Edition) vinyl available at this time. Your order will include a 12" vinyl of the 8 songs on "Home" + 2 new tracks, "Gold" & "Hotel Memphis" along with a digital download card including all 10 tracks so you can have the mp3's of the songs. We can't wait to to get these to you! Thanks!

"Home" (Deluxe Edition) VINYL
1. Carry Me Home
2. The Morning Bird
3. Help, Help Me
4. Someone Else
5. In The End
6. If I Could Hold You
7. My Feet Keep Moving Still
8. 53 Days
9. Gold (Bonus Track)
10. Hotel Memphis (Bonus Track)